Connect up your Email Exchange Server

If your company’s emails are managed through an Exchange Server, you can connect your mailbox up to your Hoowla account. Any emails sent out through Hoowla will use your Exchange Server instead of Hoowla’s mail server. You will also be able to access your emails through Hoowla and attach them to cases.


Connecting up your mailbox

Follow these steps to connect your Exchange Server mailbox up to your Hoowla account:


Go to your profile and edit it –

Select the Exchange tab and click the ENABLE button

You can now enter in your email login credentials, the date you’d like your emails to be synced to Hoowla from and which folders you’d like to sync.

Tick use Exchange to ensure emails from Hoowla are sent using your exchange server.

There is an option to test your connection and you can disable it as well.

Once you have saved your credentials please allow up to 10 minutes for the sync to start. If you come back to this screen to check it later you will see when the last sync was.


Seeing your emails and attaching them to cases

You are able to see the emails that are in your inbox by clicking on the messages (envelope) icon in the top right of Hoowla (just under your name). From here you will be able to attach messages to cases.

When you select a message you will be able to see if it’s been attached to a case. If it isn’t there will be a button that says attach to case. Clicking attach to case will load up a window for you to search for the case you wish to attach the email to. You will also be able to tick the email attachments you wish to add to the case as well.