Create Referrer

If you want to add a new introducer to a fee scale this guide will help

First make sure you have the fee scale created you want the introducer to generate quote again by following our previous guide here


Once you have your fee scale ready it’s time to add the referring companies details. At this stage you will need the following list

– The logo of the company, normally this can be saved from their website

– The address of the company

– All the email addresses at the referrers company that want to login to Hoowla and generate quotes


In the setup area of hoowla navigate to the quote calculator setup area 


Now click on the create referrer button in the green bar


Now take the referrer’s details you collected earlier and filling the form pictured below

Take special notice of the Options section. This allows you to either invite the users straight away or at a later date after you have emailed them.