Setting up and editing your conveyancing quote calculator

This guide with show you how to set up your conveyancing quote calculator in Hoowla. The conveyancing quote calculator form gives you complete control over the instant conveyancing quotes that are generated by Hoowla.

Don’t know about our conveyancing quote calculator?
Find out how to create compliant conveyancing fee estimates for clients in seconds.

If you don’t have a conveyancing calculator yet then here’s how to create one.


Access your conveyancing quote calculator form

To setup your conveyancing calculator or make any modifications such as updating your fees, select SETUP – QUOTE CALCULATOR, then select EDIT next to the calculator you wish to update.



Making edits to your quote calculator form

Quote form name sets the name for your conveyancing quote form.


The quote email from address is the email address that your clients will see when they are emailed a conveyancing quote. They will also be able to reply to the email address that you enter here.


The email addresses entered into the ’email quote results to’ will be sent an alert when ever a conveyancing quote is sent out. This is particularly useful if clients can obtain conveyancing quotes from your website or you have introducers generating conveyancing quotes on your behalf.



Set the introduction and disclaimer text that will appear on the quote when it’s emailed to the client or printed


Prices allows you to set your fee scales and standard supplements and disbursements for each transaction type (sale, purchase, remortgage). Land Registry, Stamp Duty and VAT charges will be auto-calculated for you by Hoowla.


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