This guide looks at how to add a nominal account to Hoowla accounts.


Click the Accounts link next to your name.


Click the Create Nominal button in the main navigation.


  • Select the Nominal radio button.
  • Enter the name of the nominal in the Nominal Name box.
  • Select whether this account is for Office-side or Client-side.
  • If you want this to be your primary account, select the tick box.

If this nominal is to be any of the following nominals you can tick the relevant box (this is not a requirement).

Income – the nominal that records all invoices generated and income into the firm

Write off/bad debt – The nominal that records all the bad debt

VAT Out – The nominal that records all the VAT payments out of the accounts

VAT In – The nominal that records all the VAT incoming into the accounts


Click the Save button.


Hoowla will return you to the Accounts overview page.  A green success bar will be displayed at the top of the page and the new account will be shown in the list.