This guide will explain what the different coloured progress circles on Hoowla’s case list mean.  The traffic light system is designed to help you keep an eye on which cases need to be updated and follow three colours; green, yellow and red.


What do the colours mean?

Green means that it has been recently updated (3 working days- not including Sat/Sun)
Yellow means that is has been updated between 4-7 working days
Red means that the case has not been updated for 8 working days

What classifies as updating a case?

Various things like sending a message, adding a note, and editing a document will count as updating the case and will turn the circle green.  It is important to ensure that the case is kept up to date and circles kept green so that you and others working on the case know that information is relevant and up-to-date and help identify which cases need to be addressed.

What’s the cut-off time?

The cut off time for the change is every evening.