Within the people section of Hoowla you are able to create a person card and a company card. There may be times when you need to connect the both, for example you are dealing with more than one member of staff at a firm of solicitors and you want to connect them together.

In order to do this we need to set a relationship between the company and its employees.

How to create a company

If you haven’t already done so you will need to create a company to connect all the staff.  This is done in the same way as creating a person.

Click the People link next to your name and then the + Create Company button.


This will take you to the Create Company page.  Complete the required information and press Save.

Once the company has been created, return to the People section.  Click on Company Wide to display all people and companies, or search for the company using the search bar.

Click on the company to edit, either by clicking the company’s name or the View button.


To add a person to the company click the Edit button…


…scroll down to Relationships and search for the person you want to connect to the company.  In the drop down box for ‘Type’ select Working For and press Save.


This will then connect the person to the company and display the company name when that person is added to a case.