This guide provides an overview of what these filters do and some ways in which they can be used. There are a number of filters available in your people list that organise and categorise your clients to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Click on People

Let’s look at the filter at the top of the page.



Let’s look at the first filter, Order By:


The ‘Order by’ filters will reorder your people list by the option selected.

Date Created will place the most recently created person to the top of the results

By Surname A-Z will order the results alphabetically according to surname

Recently updated will show the recently updated people cards


TIP: First thing in the morning, use Order By: Date Created to quickly display at the top of your People list any new clients that may have requested a quote through your website the night before.



The ‘Show’ filters will only display the type of person selected. You can also display people who are currently in a live case or have been quoted.

New Clients – this will display only clients that have recently added

Live Case – this will display only show people who have a live case

Quoted – this will display only people who have at least one quote

Referred – this will show people who have been referred to you directly

Company-Wide – this will show people across all branches

Mine – this filter will only show people that are assigned to you

More Options – see below



Clicking on the More Options expands to show additional filters including Branch, Referrer (if applicable), Status, Created