There may be occasions where you have two clients who live at different addresses (for example, first time buyers or a divorced couple) and have to send letters and documents to both addresses.

Once you have sent the letter to one client, you can easily amend the correspondence details on the letter using the case data and send the same letter to additional client/s at a separate address.

How to send the same letter to clients at different correspondence addresses

Click the Cases link.


You will then need to choose the relevant case by selecting from the list or using the search functions indicated below.


In the case select the milestone that contains the letter you want to send.  For this example we will use ‘Enquiries’.


Go to the Documents panel on the right-hand side and click View on the letter you are going to send.


You will then be presented with the letter showing the address of one of your clients.  You can now send or print this letter to client #1 before changing the address and sending the same letter to client #2.

To change this address to the other client you need to expand Show people involved in the document.


This will expand and give you the option to Choose Person from the people who are involved in this document.


A pop up will appear on screen with a drop down of all the people in the missing people circle.  Choose the people you wish to correspond with.

If you want this choice to apply to all letters in the case addressed to this type of person, keep the Change for Every Document within this Case ticked.  If you only want to change the address on this letter make sure this option is unticked.


Press Save and, as shown below, the correspondence address has changed.

You have completed the process of changing the correspondence address in Hoowla and can now print or email the document.