This guide will look at how you can place a case on hold (abeyance) and also how to remove it from being on hold.

When a case is on hold this will mean

  • the case will not show up in the case list (unless the On Hold filter is clicked)
  • the case will not appear when running reports (active cases etc)
  • a notification will appear at the top of the case page informing users that the case is on hold


Click on Cases



Then click on the case that you would like to place on hold:

Then scroll down and click on Change Case Status


Then on the popup click on the dropdown and choose The case is on hold

You can, optionally, place a message in the box:

You can choose to be directed to a copy of the case by ticking the box:

Click on Update Status when you are ready:

You will then be returned to the case view screen:

To learn how to find a case that is on hold then click here.

To learn how to remove a case from being on hold then click here.