Setting up and editing your profile

This guide with take you through setting up and editing your profile on Hoowla.


Your profile in Hoowla contains all of your personal information which helps colleagues and clients to identify you. To access your profile select ‘Profile’ from the top right hand area of the screen while logged into Hoowla.




You will be presented with your profile information. You can edit and update your profile information from here by selecting EDIT in the main menu.


In your profile you will have access to add and amend the following:


Personal details: full name and date of birth

Profile picture: upload a profile picture and make Hoowla more personable

Password: update your password for accessing Hoowla

Phone: add a direct line number

Two factor authentication: setup two factor authentication for added security on your account

Emails: add an email footer and disclaimer that will appear on emails automatically generated by Hoowla